Vessel Chartering

Worldera Corporation offers a charter service to assist with its clientele’s logistical requirements. We specialise in the transportation of dry bulk cargo with a fleet of vessels that are able to handle between 40,000 ~ 60,000 dwt. With a team of dedicated professionals managing our onshore/offshore operations, Worldera Corporation strives to be reliable, efficient and timely in its maritime activities.

Commodities Trading

Worldera Corporation operates with a network of strategic partners in the commodities trade. We started off in Dubai with a focal point of trading raw materials for the production of Cement along the South Asian Region. We have since grown across borders to include offices and trade partners that are quartered internationally. Some of these countries include Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Oman amongst others who are part of Worldera Corporation’s channel members.

Our Philosophy

We understand that success in our trade requires deep specialisation in logistical frameworks, a sharp insight on global markets and the clout to integrate these services into a single entity.

Our founding team started out with the vision of being integrators in the industry, an enterprise where clients trading requirements and logistical concerns can be fulfilled simultaneously.

By integrating with Worldera Corporation’s supply chain, we trust that it gives us a competitive edge in the market through synergistic gains in our business units.