Commodities Trading

Worldera Corporation offers a spectrum of trading services to our clients. We are currently quartered in 4 offices, Singapore, London, Dubai and Slovakia so as to better manage clientele activities with regional expertise from our team of dedicated specialists.

We seek to establish Worldera Corporation as a leading trading house that optimizes its clientele’s procurement process through cost efficiency and support in its supply chain network.

Our Trading Strategy

Strategic Partners

Worldera Corporation has an network of raw material suppliers that assists with its procurement services. Clients are able to tap onto Worldera Corporation’s resources and receive their orders based on their specifications and key requirements.

We are always keen to develop partnerships with new entrants and industry members so as to better service our clients.

Logistical Framework

Worldera Corporation provides for logistical arrangements with its fleet of vessels that travels globally to reach its designated end users.  With a deep specialisation in maritime activities, we pride ourselves on being an integrator that ensures timeliness, reliability and consistency in every order.

Professional Counsel

Worldera Corporation understands that guidance and counsel by industry members can greatly supplement business performances. Hence, we are always ready to connect with our clients to advise on their requirements and further assist in their undertakings.

Commodities Which We Trade





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